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Taking care of yourself is the most important thing we are tasked with as humans. Making sure you take time to unwind, relax, and just simply breathe can make a drastic change in the way you feel and live, and yoga is the best way to learn those techniques! There are several local yoga spots in the area as you’re soon about to find out. Keep reading to learn more about some of the popular local spots you can visit!

The Main Street Wellness Company: A Mind & Body Workshop

At Main Street Wellness, the goal is to be in a relaxing environment. You’ll want to feel comfortable and clear your mind. Be sure to come hydrated and a bit hungry for post-yoga snacks. You’ll want to bring your own mat or one will be provided to you for $5. There are a variety of Pilates and yoga classes you can attend such as:

  • Newbie Yogi Class Pass – 3 classes for $25
  • Newbie Yogi Unlimited Class Pass – 1 month for $50
  • Six for Sixty – 6 classes for $66
  • 3 Month Class Pass – Unlimited Classes for $100 a month
  • No Contract – Unlimited Class Pass for a month costs $135
  • Drop-In Class Pass – $20

In addition to these classes, you can also consider classes such as:

  • Swing Dance for Home Schoolers
  • Jazz Dancin’ with EWA
  • Toning with Harmonic Bowls
  • Solo Jazz Workshop

Equipose Yoga

When you visit Equipose Yoga, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a variety of yoga styles taught such as:

  • Vinyasa Flow – Focusing on synchronization of the breath, this class can be fast or slow, depending on experience
  • Yin Yoga – This style addresses the deeper tissues
  • Kundalini – This is an ancient style of yoga that helps you visit visualization, mantras, self-healing, self-awareness, postures, movement, and much more
  • Ball Therapy – This is a workshop-style class that teaches anatomy with various sizes of balls that allow you to self-heal through using a range of motions

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OTAC Breathe

OTAC Breathe provides a holistic approach to yoga and Pilates. Here, you’ll gain a sense of community and form long-lasting relationships. OTAC Breathe offers a classic yoga studio, a hot yoga studio, a Pilates studio, and studio amenities. You can choose from various practices such as hot vinyasa, alignment, slow flow, foundations, and more. They also offer various workshops and events you can attend, so be sure to look at the availability and openings on their site.

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