New Year Blue Year Drive For $2 Here

Dr. Seuss Inspires Dealer To Create Crazy Car Sale

Read This To Discover How You Can Drive A Nicer, Newer Car In 2013 With Just $2 Down!


[Warrenton, Virginia] "I'm a car dealer who is feeling blue. I have too many cars and don't know what to do. If you're willing to put down a dollar or two, you can make my misfortune a bonus for you," Kevin Myers of Safford of Warrenton.

Recent promotion was such a huge success that the dealership is overstocked with trades from last month! Then to make matters worse, Safford of Warrenton just got an extra allocation of vehicles. All of these cars are taking up way too much space so Myers needs help from the people of Warrenton.

"Instead of a Happy New Year, I'm stuck with all these cars and feeling more like it's a Happy Blue Year," stated Myers. "So I'm hamming it up Dr. Seuss style, spouting rhymes and getting zany. I'm doing away with all this New Years' doom and gloom, having some Seussical fun and solving my problem and the problems that are keeping Warrenton residents from driving the car they really want or need, all at the same time!"

One of the big problems Kevin Myers is solving this month is the lack of cash needed for a down payment. This week at Safford of Warrenton, you can drive for two dollars down?that's a big enough deal to get even the biggest homebodies off the couch and down to Safford of Warrenton.

Myers plans to sell cars even if that means making less and breaking even this month to get the New Year off to a good start, clearing out excess inventory and keeping staff busy and positive in 2013. It's a Seussical Sale to help everyone drive a nicer, newer car and have a nicer, newer attitude in 2013.


Don't despair if you've struggled with credit issues in the past. Dr. Seuss reminds us, "I'm sorry to say so but, sadly it's true that bang-ups and hang-ups can happen to you." So regardless of the mishaps in your past, get down to the Happy New Year, Blue Year, Drive For Two Year Sale fast.

The "For The People® Credit Approval Process" at Safford of Warrenton is in full gear and works to get people who have been turned down in the past driving a nicer, newer car today!

The team at Safford of Warrenton is ready to help you drive the car of your dreams, even if it takes a little extra rhyming and reasoning with the banks to do it.

Don't Be A Bore. Get Down To Our Store!

Let Dr. Seuss inspire you. He said, "Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So . . . get on your way."

Two bucks down and you could get on your way today in a nicer, newer car! Bring down your trade right now! They don't care if it's a FAST CAR, A SLOW CAR, A NEW CAR OR AN OLD CAR! But hurry, Kevin Myers needs extra space. Once xx cars go, this Seussical Savings will be history!

So hurry down this week! They need your help at Safford of Warrenton.

To take advantage of this generous offer, visit Safford of Warrenton at 7308 Cedar Run Dr Warrenton, VA 20187 or call (888) 541-8750 to schedule a New Year, Blue Year, Drive For Two Here appointment right now. Plus, you can start the quick and easy credit approval process by going to


*Requires bank approval. May not combine with other offers.