New Service Specials for Spring 2017

February 26th, 2017 by


With 2016 locked into the history books, spring is fast approaching and it’s time to look forward to a new year for yourself and your vehicle. Safford is committed to making sure that no matter what you drive, your vehicle receives superb care at an affordable price. We’re one of the premier service centers in the Warrenton area, and with spring 2017 comes new great auto service specials you can take advantage of today to keep your car or truck in tip-top shape!

Is It Time for Some New Tires this Spring?

The most important part of your vehicle is where it makes contact with the elements, namely, your tires. They’re designed to take a beating from the roads for a long time, but when you finally have to replace them, it can be a major financial hit. Fortunately, we have a coupon available to ease the financial strain on your next tire purchase.

Safford of Warrenton Tire Coupon


Get a Check-Up this Spring

A good car can last for years and years – if it’s regularly maintained. Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle, so changing it every 3,000 miles can greatly extend its life. Additionally, diagnostic checks and full inspections can also alert you to problems in your vehicle you may not know about. Identifying which parts of your vehicle might be causing problems or need replacing early can save you even more money in the long term – it’s more expensive to replace parts after your car has broken down. These checks must be done regularly, but can add up in price. We have three coupon specials to help make vehicle checkups less of a hassle.

Safford of Warrenton Diagnostic Check Coupon


Safford of Warrenton Oil Change Special Coupon


Safford of Warrenton Free Vehicle Inspection Coupon


We hope these savings will make the start of your 2017 better than ever, and prevent vehicle-related headaches down the road.

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