MOPAR Christmas Gift Guide

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Searching for the perfect Christmas gift for the gearhead in your life? Or maybe you’re looking to treat yourself this season. We’ve got you covered! From Jeep enthusiasts to the truck fans, our MOPAR Christmas Guide can help you find something for every auto lover on your list.


Go ahead and get those premium tires – these wheel locks ensure maximum protection. Each lock kit contains 4 (or 5, if needed) chrome-plated bolts and an exclusive MOPAR key.
Part #: 82214871
Price: $50.00

Add bold brightwork to your footwell with stainless steel pedal covers. The rubber provides traction and contrast of black on silver enhances their performance look.
Part #: 82214268
Price: $115.00 ($167.50 installed)

Even if you already have a front mount hitch installed, you can up their towing capability by adding a hitch receiver. The installation will require cutting into the fascia, so if you’re not comfortable making mods, our service center can install the hitch for $632.50.
Part #: 82214682
Price: $195.00

Keep your outdoor adventurers dry and comfortable with MOPAR’s tent and mattress. This isn’t your average camping gear. MOPAR’s allow users to sleep high and dry off the ground, or just create more storage space by attaching to the Jeep’s cargo area.
Part #: 82212604
Price: $366 ($383.50 installed)


If you’re all about that bass, upgrade to premium speakers. MOPAR speakers offer vibrant sound with bigger bass and cleaner highs. This kit includes two 6.5 rear door speakers, but options including two front speakers are available as well.
Part #: 77KICK10
Price: $81.40 ($133.90 installed)

Personalize your Challenger with a variety of graphics that are engineered, tested and designed for your vehicle by MOPAR.
Part #: 82214486
Price: $250 ($372.50 installed)

Step up your Challenger’s aesthetics with 20” chrome painted and polished MOPAR wheels. These wheels are treated with a durable clear coat to resist corrosion, constructed of cast or forged aluminum and are tested to rigid FCA US standards.
Part #: 77070063AC
Price: $650 ($720 installed)

Wish your Challenger looked even sportier? Install a rear spoiler! This MOPAR spoiler is molded for strength and includes a built-in backup camera. Note that the spoiler comes in matte black and will need to be painted to match your car’s color.
Part #: 82214480
Price: $485 ($835 installed)

RAM 1500

Protect and accent your RAM with splash guards. Available in heavy duty rubber or a composite of TPO plastic and TPR rubber molded to custom fit your vehicle, splash guards will provide maximum protection and great style. Kits are sold in sets of two.
Product #: 82212017AC (rubber), 82214137 (molded)
Pricing: $50 ($120 rubber; $102.50 molded)

Increase your truck’s visibility and add style with a set of five MOPAR roof mounted running lights.
Product #: 82211190AB
Pricing: $114 ($376.50 installed)

Make cleaning up your bed a breeze with a MOPAR RAM bed mat. Each mat is made of crack-resistant, flexible, heavy-duty compressed rubber that will protect the bed floor against scratches, dents, dings, and corrosion. The molded ribs reduce cargo shifting while making loading and unloading easier. This kit includes the tailgate cover.
Product #: 82212996
Price: $169 ($256.50 installed)

Who doesn’t like more power? The bolt-on cold air intake system is designed to allow cooler outside air and funnel it directly into the intake manifold providing noticeable horsepower and torque gains.
Product #: 77070023AC
Price: $493 ($668 installed)

Chrysler 200

Both practical and fun, door sill guards help protect the interior door sills from scratches but also add a pop with an illuminated logo.
Product #: 82213991AB
Price: $95 ($130 installed)

Stop worrying about getting in a freezing cold car in the winter or a hot car in the summer by installing a remote start system. A fully integrated, OEM tested, remote start system allows you to start your vehicle with just the push of a button, giving it a chance to adjust the interior temperature before you jump behind the wheel. Each system requires a dealer scan tool for operation and we would be more than happy to ensure your system is working properly.
Product #: 82214175
Price: $280 ($665 installed; call about scan tool only pricing)

MOPAR’s interior ambient lighting kit gently illuminates the footwells of your vehicle, adding warm accent lighting. Eight color settings and intensity selectors let you set your perfect interior ambiance.
Product #: 82212347
Price: $319 ($581.50 installed)

Make backing up safer and easier with a rearview camera. A state-of-the-art, wide-angle lens camera allows you to improve the rear-view visibility and comes with a wiring harness to connect the camera to your radio.
Product #: 82214247AB
Price: $335 ($685 installed)

Safford of Warrenton is a one-stop shop for MOPAR parts. We can order them and install them all here in our service center. Contact us and let us know how we can help you!

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