It’s All Greek To Me: 20 Recipes to Try

August 3rd, 2020 by

Meze platter with green falafel, pita, sun dried tomatoes, pumpkin and beet hummus, olives, stuffed peppers, tabbouleh, figs. Mediterranean appetizer party idea

If you’ve found yourself in a bit of a cooking rut, these tasty Greek recipes are sure to spice things up. Add one (or a few!) to your weekly meal rotation!


  1. Pastitsio: this lasagna-like dish is easy to make and will have everyone begging for seconds!
  2. Fassolatha: Fassolatha is a hearty bean soup that is the national dish of Greece. It’s made with many things you probably already have and is a great way to clean out the fridge and pantry!
  3. Soutzoukakia: these are meatballs cooked in a warm, cinnamon-spiced tomato sauce and they pair perfectly with potatoes, rice, or even couscous.
  4. Rustic Eggplant Moussaka: eggplant moussaka is like a lasagna made with eggplant instead of pasta with a meat sauce layer and a béchamel sauce layer. Yum!
  5. Easy, Traditional Greek Gyros: is there anything better than a recipe that’s authentic and easy? Gyros are the perfect addition to your weeknight meal roster.
  6. Kleftiko: this savory entree is slow-cooked lamb legs and is delicious with tzatziki and rice or potatoes!
  7. Strapsatsada: breakfast for dinner anyone? These Greek-style scrambled eggs make the perfect easy dinner.
  8. Mushroom Seitan Gyros: seitan, also known as wheat gluten, can be made or bought at many grocery stores. Combined with mushrooms, it creates a savory, meat-like filling that’s perfect for gyros.

Appetizers And Salads

  1. Dolmades: these are grape leaves stuffed with herbs, pine nuts, currents, and rice. They make the perfect starter for a Greek-themed dinner. Plus, they’re vegetarian and gluten-free!
  2. Tzatziki: this is a cucumber-yogurt dip with dill that’s perfect for dipping pita bread. It also makes a great sauce for meat or salads.
  3. New Greek Salad: Martha Stewart puts a modern twist on this lunchtime favorite with croutons and dill.
  4. Roasted Pumpkin and Feta Croquettes: these cheesy, fried balls of pumpkin are the perfect dish to say, “hurt up, fall!”
  5. Spanikopita: if you’ve never had spanikopita before, you’re missing out on this savory pastry filled with spinach and warm cheese!

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Drinks, Desserts, Bread

  1. Loukoumades: this sweet honey donut is traditionally served around the New Year, but delicious desserts have no season, right? Whip up a batch for the perfect after-dinner treat.
  2. Greek Yogurt: though it isn’t technically a dessert, Greek yogurt is so versatile it definitely could be with the right toppings. Why not try making your own?
  3. Melomakarona: this easy dessert is simply comprised of shortbread cookies soaked in a honey syrup until they’re a cookie-pudding hybrid.
  4. Taramasalata: another soaked dish, taramasalata is a dip made from milk-soaked bread with aromatics and row.
  5. Pita: homemade pita is remarkably easy, and it takes every dish to the next level
  6. Ouzo Lemonade: cool off from the heat of summer with this refreshing Greek drink! It’s essentially a mint lemonade sweetened with honey, which is oh-so refreshing on these hot summer days.
  7. Cyprus Macaroons (Ergolavi): Ergolavi is an orange and almond cookie, and it’s the perfect light dessert after a hearty meal!

With so many great options to choose from, which Greek dish will you make first?

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