Wheels and Tires for Your Vehicle

Wheels and Tires

Impress the onlookers when hitting the pavement or chewing-up the rugged terrain off-road with the right tires for your Dodge, Ram, Jeep or whatever vehicle you own. Our professional service technicians at Safford of Warrenton will help you choose the perfect tire to give you the best traction, clearance, and road performance.

You’ll find the most popular brands and sizes in stock every day at our Safford of Warrenton dealership. In addition to tires, we also offer rims in chrome, aluminum polish, black, gray, and more.

With our wide selection of wheels and tires in stock, Safford has what you need for small cars all the way up to larger 4-wheel drive trucks.

For our Jeep owners, we offer top of the line Lift Kits. Contact us today to order your kit by calling (866) 258-8769
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