Six Reasons to Regularly Service Your Vehicle

So why is it important to service your vehicle regularly?

You might think that since you purchased your vehicle in good condition, you don’t have to worry about maintenance. Well, think again. Even cars in great condition need to be serviced regularly to keep them on the road for years to come. Next time you get a call from your service department to schedule service or see a service light come on the dashboard, don’t ignore it. Here’s why:

1)  Drive safely: Every year, thousands of accidents happen as a result of vehicle neglect. It’s not just bad driving that causes accidents. In fact, when it comes to the majority of automobile accidents around the world, you have faulty brake systems, worn wiper blades and tires, exhaust buildups and leaking gas tanks to blame. Get you, your family, and your car safe by getting regular service checks.

2)  Help reduce pollution: Each year, your vehicle’s noxious emissions contribute directly to global pollution. A well-maintained vehicle will easily limit the number of dangerous fumes and fluids released into the air and water supply.

3)  Lower your cost of operation: You might think that taking your car to be service is an unnecessary expense. However, routine maintenance can actually lower the cost of operating your vehicle by preventing a major malfunction. Many major problems with vehicles can be detected early and avoided.

4)  Get a higher resale value: If you can prove that your car has been regularly serviced and hasn’t had any major problems, it will fetch a higher price. Most buyers place a high value on excellent vehicle performance and condition, so it only makes sense that a well-maintained vehicle will be priced higher than one that has broken down and was poorly maintained.

5)  Increase vehicle performance: You can lengthen your vehicle’s great performance if you keep a careful eye on its vital fluids, oil, and various parts. If you don’t maintain your vehicle well, expect it to quickly show signs of internal wear. Your car will also be more dependable if you make sure that it is always in good condition.

6)  Fewer roadside emergencies: There’s nothing more frustrating than having your vehicle break down on the side of the road. You might be on your way to work or in the middle of a family vacation. If you don’t have the tools to fix it, your whole day, even week, will be ruined. And don’t forget the cost of towing, a rental car, and even transportation home can tack on to your bill. Regular maintenance will ensure that you don’t end up stranded.

These are just a few reasons to regularly service your vehicle. Have more questions? Contact us at (866)-258-8769.