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Mopar Lift Kits – Jeep Parts

When you’re off-road, some boulders can be run over, while others need to be scaled. That’s when an extra 2 or 4 inches of clearance can make all the difference. Mopar lift kits include all the parts you need to change the clearance of your vehicle, without sacrificing safety or ride comfort.

It’s tempting to try and Frankenstein a lift package together, but all that will get you is grief out on the trail. Mopar lift kits include coil springs, shocks, adjustable alignment cams, track bar, stabilizer bar links with Heim ends, cable relocation brackets, and a replacement high-clearance, high-capacity steering stabilizer kit. They also give you all the connectors and materials needed for installation.

Available for vehicles including the new Jeep Wrangler models, Mopar lift kits can take your off-roading to the next level.

2-Inch and 4-Inch Mopar Lift Kit Features

Here are some noteworthy features of the Mopar lift kits that will keep you traveling those roads less traveled with ease:

  • Ideally rated coil springs, combined with your choice of specially tuned shock absorbers, for unmatched ride quality and handling both on the road and on the trails.
  • Your choice of Mopar’s Performance Shock or the Premium Bilstein Shock.
  • Adjustable alignment cams (at lower link arms-to-axle attachment points) correct caster angle.
  • Adjustable track bar to correct front body / frame alignment
  • Track bar relocation bracket with integrated brace to handle rear end
  • Stabilizer bar links with Heim ends
  • Brake hose and parking brake cable relocation brackets
  • Replacement high-clearance, high-capacity steering stabilizer kit

Suspension Upgrades

Keep control with a suspension upgrade featuring stabilizer bar quick-disconnects and high-articulation link arms. The goal of this upgrade is “maximum, controlled and bind-free articulation.” (Articulation, in the off-road world, is how the vehicle’s suspension will “twist” on uneven surfaces in an effort to keep all tires in contact with the trail.) Mopar offers two suspension upgrades to further increase the already phenomenal suspension articulation afforded by our 2- and 4-inch lift kits.

Differential Protection

Differential protection shields your vehicle’s underside from the perils of the off-road. No matter how rough it is out there, we’ve got you covered.

Shocks and Stabilizers

Make your next rocky road experience a smooth one with new shocks and stabilizers. These are the same shocks packaged with Mopar’s lift kits. Order when upgrading from Performance Series to Premium Bilstein, or when you’re in need of service replacements. The Performance Series shock is a twin-tube, high-capacity hydraulic shock that features 10-stage velocity-sensitive valving. White enamel finish with black boot included.

Installation, Safety, and Warranty

Contact the service center at Safford CDJR of Warrenton with any questions about ordering or installing a Mopar lift kit for your off-road vehicle. Also check out our valuable coupons that can help you save on parts and services at our dealership. Lift kits work with all vehicle systems, including Electronic Stability Control, and are covered by a lifetime limited warranty from the lift kit manufacturer.