Don’t Let The Winter Cold Stop You With These 15 Tips

December 14th, 2020 by

Cozy living room winter interior with fireplace

Winter is officially here, and the colder temperatures can be quite the jarring adjustment, even after many years of winters! Use these 15 winter tips to optimize and hack your biggest winter problems this year!

1. Open The Blinds

Opening your blinds in the morning will allow the sunlight to help warm your home without any extra energy cost.

2. Open The Oven After Dinner

Take advantage of the heat coming out of your oven by letting it warm up the kitchen and surrounding rooms.

3. DIY Pebble Tray

Make a DIY pebble tray to catch the snow, water, and dirt that come off your shoes in the winter.

4. DIY Window Insulation

If you have a few windows that need a little extra insulation, line them with bubble wrap for a quick, inexpensive solution!

5. Winter Emergency Car Kit

Keep an extra coat, blanket, flashlight, water, snack, and hand warmers in your car in case of a winter roadside emergency.

6. Keep Kitty Litter In The Trunk

Though it may sound odd, kitty litter helps weigh down your trunk to help with driving in the snow, and it can even be used for extra traction if you get stuck.

7. DIY Windshield Defroster

Combine 1/3 cup vinegar with 2/3 cup water in a spray bottle to quickly melt frost and ice on your windshield!

8. Alternative Hand Sanitizer Use

Put your hand sanitizer to another use by spraying it on your car door handle. It will defrost the handle and allow access to the car.

9. DIY Wool Shoe Inserts

If you need to keep your feet extra cozy on your morning walks, you can make your own wool shoe inserts!

10. DIY Vapor Rub

This year, make your own vapor rub shower disks to help you feel better during cold and flu season.

11. Snow Boot Hack

If you have problems with keeping your feet dry in your snow boots, put your feet inside plastic bags first for an extra layer of waterproof lining.

12. Zip Tie Bike Snow Tires

In a pinch,  you can use zip ties on the tires of your bike to give them extra traction in the snow.

13. Floor Mat Hack

Should you find yourself in a winter accident, the floor mats of your car can be used to help you gain traction in snow and ice.

14. Utilize Pipe Insulation

If you live in an older home with drafty doors, try using pipe insulation for a quick way to keep warm air in.

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15. Shovel With Silicone

Sprayable silicone will help you shovel snow from the driveway in no time!

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