Warm Up With These Cold Weather Running Tips

January 18th, 2021 by

A woman kneeling to tie her running shoe on a trail

Sometimes, winter’s chilly temperatures sideline even the most dedicated running enthusiast. But if you know how to prepare, you’ll be able to stay warm, safe, and injury-free while enjoying an invigorating cold-weather run. Read on for some helpful tips.

Massage Muscles

Preventing running-related injury starts with making sure your muscles are ready to go. That’s especially important when it’s cold outside. A hand-held hot/cold massage tool can help improve blood flow and loosen up your muscles in preparation for a good run, as well as reduce muscle swelling and inflammation afterward.

Keep Your Hands and Feet Covered

Your body loses the most warmth through the extremities, so it’s crucial to keep them well protected when you’re out in the cold. High-quality socks that wick away moisture come in handy, as do hand warmers that can be placed inside your gloves for extra warmth.

Dress 15 to 20 Degrees Warmer Than It Is

You will naturally work up some warmth as you run, so you’ll want to factor that in when you’re dressing to head out.

Do an Indoor Warm-Up

Basic moves like squats, push-ups, sit-ups, and lunges will get your blood flowing and your body better able to handle the shock of the chill outdoors.

Put Vaseline on Exposed Skin

Keep your skin protected on a cold-weather run by rubbing Vaseline on your ears, cheeks, and nose. The substance forms a protective barrier between these vulnerable areas of bare skin and the frosty air.

Wear Reflective Gear

If you run in the morning or late afternoon / evening, you’ll want to make sure you’re easily visible to oncoming cars. Bright colors and reflective tape or gear will help assure that drivers see you and take the proper precautions.

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