Causes and Prevention of Uneven Tire Wear

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Tires naturally wear down over time, but when the life of the tire is cut short, you need to find out what other factors played into the early demise of the rubber around the wheel.
If the tires are not in the optimal condition, the end result can include lower gas mileage, a blowout or the tire not grabbing the road during foul weather, which can cause loss of control of the vehicle.
Driving habits can also impact the tire wear.  City driving with constant breaking can lead to tire replacement sooner than anticipated. Aggressive driving increases wear on the tires, as well as other parts of the vehicle.


Listed below are just a few of the most common tire problems and potential fixes:


Issue:  Uneven wear.
Root: Misalignment.
Fix: Get an alignment on the vehicle.
Issue: Wearing on both shoulders.
Root: Under-inflation.
Fix: Inflate the tires to manufacturer-recommended air pressure.
Issue: Abnormal wear, including cupping and feathering.
Root: Variety of causes, including aggressive braking or defective parts, including ball joint, shock absorber, springs, or even loose wheel bearings.
Fix: Get your vehicle in for service to determine the root cause and the recommended solution.

How to Care, Maintain and Eventually Replace Tires

Increase your knowledge of tires to save yourself grief and money.  Learn the early warning signs of trouble that can prevent the type of wear that shortens tire life. Besides, that wear and tear can be an indicator of the need for parts and even for the car to be serviced and repaired.
Train yourself and young drivers to inspect the tires visually before getting into the vehicle.  Be aware of the car’s general overall appearance so that you recognize when something isn’t right, including a vehicle that leans slightly because of tire issues.
The frequency of checking the tires is dependent on use and driving conditions.  You may need to inspect your tires thoroughly once every couple of months by visually examining all four tires and the spare.  You need to feel the tread by hand to check for unusual wearing, and also check with an air pressure gauge.
Check the depth of the tread of each tire.  The most common way to check is to use a penny.  Place the penny with Lincoln’s head upside down into the tread groove. If you can see any part of President Lincoln’s head, then the tire should be replaced. If you don’t want to do it yourself, then bring it in for service.  Preventative measures ward off potential disasters.
Whether your tires are wearing unevenly or are just nearing the end of their life, our service department can make sure you’re back on the road and safe in no time. Check out our service specials for reduced pricing on alignments and tire purchases, and then book an appointment online!
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