Jeep Off-Road Tire Size Guide


Tire size and lift kits are vital for off-road performance that won’t compromise your safety or your Jeep’s durability. Our infographic will teach you how to understand your tire size and dimensions as well as provide you with the information you need to get the proper lift for your tires. 

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Ram 1500 Tradesman: V8 Power Meets Value


Everybody wants it. The rumble of the engine, the pulsing power under the hood. Dodge and Ram understand the need to feed your itch for a V8 engine in your next truck. The only downside to owning the brimming muscle of that V8 monster engine is the price... High-end muscle cars and big trucks give you that raw feeling of power, but at a cost.

There is, however, a saving grace to obtaining that V8…

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3 Fun Fall Brewery Road Trips Near Warrenton, VA


Fall has arrived in Warrenton, and October is an incredible month to celebrate one of America’s favorite pastimes: beer. There are tons of delicious libations all across Virginia and the spirit of the commonwealth can be discovered in every sip.

Here at Safford of Warrenton, we are all about road tripping. Taking your Ram, Dodge, or Chrysler vehicle out for a fall cruise is one of life’s greatest pleasures in Northern Virginia. We…

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4 Common Car A/C Issues and How to Fix Them


The single most important part of your vehicle in the summertime is the air conditioner. When the heat cranks up, your A/C provides a mobile oasis during all your vacation and travel adventures. So, what do you do when something’s gone awry, and your air cooling buddy stops functioning?

The A/C system in any vehicle is a complicated and intricate organism. There are, however, a few common problems that make up the…

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Guide to Hauling Cargo Safely with your Dodge Ram


Your Dodge Ram handles everything you need it to haul and more, even though sometimes you need it to haul a lot, don’t you? Remember when heading out on the road this summer, being smart when you load your truck will ensure each trip is a safe one for the whole family.

Safety with your truck includes not only what you put in the bed, but also what you load in or on the…

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